mandag den 19. juli 2010


Yo Readers and haters.

So a lot has happend since I last updated my blog. First we got sponsored by Ibrahim the man behind [LOST], then we went to ESWC and finnished 5-6 place. After ESWC we split up and now we found our replacements.

So lets start at the beginning we got our self a new sponsor, and so far he has been super awesome. He came in just before ESWC and helped us with payment of airplane tickets and more. Hes been super reliable and done an awesome job for us, and it seems like its not stopping here. Recently he took in our russian comrades leaded by old allstar player PGG, and he just added a jordanian team that we most likely are going to visit the 1 Aug to the 10th Aug. Atm Ibrahim is trying to reach out to the middeleastern E-sport scene, and we are choosen as role moddels for that, im pleased to get such a job, and we in [LOST] will work hard to reach the goal set for us. I'm pretty sure there is more in store, but what Ibrahim is thinking 100% I don't know, but im sure he will include us when time are. I hope you will keep supporting us all in [LOST] and support Ibrahims contribution to the dota community.

We went to bootcamp (LODA, PAJKAT, MISERY, TWISTED and I) before the ESWC kicked of in paris, we started strong, but then something happend and our play and morale fell drastic. The bootcamp got a complete disator, people lost faith in each other and got annoyed by eachother, a thing I hadden seen comming, cause I thought we solved the problems at our stay in China. Loda hadn't been active the month before ESWC "online", and at the bootcamp it became clear to us all that atm no other player could lead the team in france, at least not with the players involved. Even though Loda didn't want to lead the team there where no other option at ESWC. Somehow I knew that the team needed to win the first matches to stand a chance at the event, but we got outpicked in our game against "OK", even though we didnt play bad this game, the few mistakes we made was enouth to throw away the game. And the result was clear, the team spirit feel drastic, we managed to win our next 2 games, but then as you know we ended up in the hardest group possible with AEON, DTS and EHOME. Not only that we had to play the key match first game aswell. In my opinion we got hard outpicked against DTS, and I did not agree at all on our picks. None the less we fought but lost. We managed to beat AEON and with a win against EHOME we could ensure a place btw the final 4. But as you know EHOME was simply too strong, id say it was the only team at the event we couldnt beat no matter how good the spirit was. We went out of the tour, and had a talk the day after. I didn't feel like playing with Loda anymore, not cause I don't like Loda, thats not the case, Loda is a nice person, simply cause I didn't agree with the choices made at bootcamp and at the event. I told the team that I would withdraw from the team after the event, but the thing about Loda and I wasnt the only problem. So instead the team choose to split up intirely. Loda wasn't sure if he wanted to contenue playing dota, and its still unclear, Pajkatt felt like going where Loda wants to go, Misery would like to stick with me and Twisted wasn't sure if he had time for dota. Poor Mirakel was left at home with no clue, so we choose to contact him, and im happy that he choose to stay with us. Babyknight allways wanted to play with Misery and I so both parts took their chance to join forces. Don't misunderstand me the old DDT team are still friends, there is no hard feelings btw people and it was a choice the team took together, and we all felt it was the right choice, so please support the choice we took instead of wondering how things turned out this way.

Today im happy to annouce our 5th player Santa, that we been scrimming with since we got home from paris. Santa has really proven to be outstanding the games we played with him, and he is a solid lan player. Every team need a bit russian blood in their team. Mirakel, Misery and I knew Santa from china and he is very faithfull to the team, a great player aswell as a friend. He plays and talks about the game just the way we like in this team, and with this add we are sure to do good not only online but on Lan aswell. Santa is joker, if you think santa is limitid then im really looking forward showing you that it isn't the case. Please welcome our new player as you welcommed any other member of this team and keep supporting us if we are the team you like. Best of luck from me to Santa.

So our new rooster looks as following: Misery, Mirakel, Babyknight, Santa and I. We are currently scrimming a bit with a 6th man, but our last add will simply be a player that standin when needed and helps us scrimming when we are not enouth online. The 5 man rooster as it is now is the main fokus.

I would like to wish Loda, Pajkatt and Twisted luck with whatever choices they make, thx for a great time together, some great exp and some good times drinking :D.

I would like to welcome Babyknight and Santa to the team, lets aim to get the best once again together!!!.

And I would like to thx the supporters of the team through out the time as Fnatic, TLT and DDT, whatever team you choose to follow be loyal, hopefully we can show you some good games so you can keep rooting for us. Peace out Ducky