tirsdag den 8. februar 2011

Concerning the questions there been the past time

Yes we are no longer part of the lost org. Not because Luccianoz hasn't been satisfied. The simple reason is that Luccianoz told me he no longer wished to be active concerning the dota scene. I'm still in contact with him and Faitz who was our side sponsor during our stay in Lost, and still consider them friends of the team, like a lot other Jordanian dota players are.

We recently added Neno, a player I had my eyes on for a long time, but simply couldn't recruit, since he had a team at that time. I'm very pleased that he enjoys playing with us and wish him a great time in the team. Concerning Sony, he is added for the gosugamers cup, and we are currently trying him out, I do not know his plans, but we do enjoy playing with him atm, so time will tell if he will be a main player for the team.

2 month ago we tried to get salary for Fear so he didn't have to work beside school, too bad it didn't work out, and that is the main reason he is so inactive atm. He is still a key person for the team, and even though he is not very active he is still a part of the team. He simply can't live from playing dota, so unless some sponsor comes by with a offer for salary for fear im afraid he will stay inactive for some time.

Kebap is currently not playing much computer, he choose the "real life" and as game it can sometime be hard to find the right balance btw the gaming and the real life so I respect his decition.

For the team, we had a hard period where motivation dropped to near zero. Misery leaving and not being able to find a solid replacement, the spirit dropped low. About misery leaving: none of us holds a grudge or anything, we are still good friends, and when time is there we do have some games and we will for sure meet up irl again for some beers and fun.

I'm pleased somehow with our win today vs DTS, but I can tell we still got a lot to work on, DTS had way more clever tricks in their sleve today then us. A good game plan won today, but in the long run DTS still seem far ahead of us. But with the moral back, we will hopefully work our way back to the top. Everything takes time, I just hope the team will stick together to accomplish a goal like that, cause its been way to hectic lately, and personally I lost a lot of spirit, and got a really shitty attitude to the game cause of it.

3 very very hard games await us, MYM twice and GGnet once in 3 diff tours, this could either be our way back, or a step back, but no matter the outcome I hope for the team to keep the good attitude we have atm, and build up stronger bonds.

Peace out Ducky