onsdag den 15. september 2010


Yo I got some request to update my blog, so I will. :)

Been quite some time since I last wrote here.

Lets start at the beginning - Misery, Mirakel and I had a blast of a trip to Jordan, sadly not long after returning Puppey put his dirty hands into our team and snapped Mirakel for him self, which ofcourse left a big gap to fill for us. To put it simple we where quite lucky, that many top players at that time were free on the market, and we decided to try some of them. Azen told me that fear would quit dota, so I hurried to contact him to hear for my self. When fear got the offer for a tryout he decided to give it a last chance, and here we are with fear in the rooster. I already said a lot of great words about both our additions so not gonna repeat my self. Vigoss, Misery and I, meet in eedl game where he played a flawless qop, giving us the impression of how stunning his play was. We decided to contact him to see if he was interested in playing once more. The result you know :D. A lot of top teams like to have 5 man roosters or 6 man roosters with 5 regular players. We decided to make it a 6 man rooster cause the nationality's in our team is way more split then before, having a 5 man rooster wouldn't do. Ofcourse I don't like the idea of having 5 regular players, and I simply don't see who to sit out anyway. So we will be playing all of us, not at the same time ofcourse, but we will take turns. I don't wanna have anyone feeling left out. The true power of our 6 man rooster is proberly how well we can swap roles now. Im proberly the only player in the team that is stuck on my role. Santa misery fear can all play diffrent roles, vigoss gank, and baby carry. So no matter how we set our lineup we will be able to fill in the roles required. I also just added a manager for the team, my old manager from unique-esports TMA, he is a super nice guy and a friend of baby, misery and me. Now he just need to meet vigoss, santa and fear. He will be helping us as much as he can. Im very happy he accepted the offer, to be honest there where no other guy i'd like to offer the job.

So the mymprime is soon comming to an end, and im happy to see our name within the last 4 teams. We only had trouble one game so far - against pain, they played suprisingly well, and kinda came like a tornado on a sunny day. We weren't really prepared for an all out war, so we had to step up our game to secure victory. Big credit from me to pain, even though i don't support their way of playing against us.

I'm very happy to see the top 4 teams, including TR instead of LGD, are all teams of the spirit I support. Atm I can see 4 top teams in EU MYM, NWO, LOST.EU, DTS. The teams are very diffrent the way I see them, I can't say which is most effective. As I see it - MYM is a team that has great diciplin - strats are based on the mid game late game, they build their strats so they can turn the game even if they make mistakes early game. Its a frigtning team to play cause they hide very well on the map - moves togther and teamfight very well under pressure. Maelk lead them very well and is defently one of the more exp and respected leaders in the scene. DTS plays as one unit, putting high pressure on the enemy, but addind individual level to many of their games by letting Dendi or artstyle run wild, while Light Ns and Dread plays the strategian roles. This team knows how to use the advanges given to them, and plays with their feelings when they are able too. It's a team with a frightning aura surounding them. NWO I honestly don't know much about - only that it's a very strickt team, runned by Puppey who has very valid but harsh standings towards the gameplay. I don't know why I have this feeling but for me it feels like dictatorship. No offence ment by that. It's a team that plays very much with strategy and they are good at it. Last is us. We are a team playing mostly with our feelings. Strategy is mostly spontanius from our side, nothing is planned in any details, we have our exp and together we use that to pick heros and make strategy. We are a team that base big parts of our game on the individual level of our players, but at the same time we try our best to work as one unit. This mostly shows when we face hard opponents. When facing hard opponents the atmosfere change radically in our team - people getting fired up to a level you can't even immagine - when we put our game face on im sure we are a frigtning opponent too.

The reason I said I was happy to see TR MCITY DTS and US in the top 4 is because Mcity is a team you somehow could compare to DTS, Tr is a team you somehow could compare to us. It's the teams that plays for the fun of the game and put the hard booring strats behind them and face their enemy head on.

Concerning our game vs Nirvana.cn - I must say im just as suprised as many of you guys where. I expected more somehow - sure delay or lag had an influence on the game - but our gameplay was near flawless these games, team was fired up and rdy to battle with all we had. I think we caught nirvana.cn on a bad day - things simply didn't work for them, and im sure we took them by suprise. I won't put too much into these 2 games, we won and in my opinion we deserved to win those games, but playing them smm or WDC will be another challenge. LGD disapointed me too, I watched both games live and was stunned. To me they forgot their brain at home. Something was just off. basicly im disapointed by the chinese performence, knowing how well they can play. I won't underrestimate them, it would be pure suicide to do so. But they got something to think about too.

For our game vs DTS next saturday. Thx Vilat for spilling crap about us on pro.RU - This really got me fired up, even though I respect the DTS team like no other EU team, I will give it my all to beat them 2-0 and make Vilat eat his words. These games will for sure be some to remember. Wish us gl

Peace out Ducky