tirsdag den 8. februar 2011

Concerning the questions there been the past time

Yes we are no longer part of the lost org. Not because Luccianoz hasn't been satisfied. The simple reason is that Luccianoz told me he no longer wished to be active concerning the dota scene. I'm still in contact with him and Faitz who was our side sponsor during our stay in Lost, and still consider them friends of the team, like a lot other Jordanian dota players are.

We recently added Neno, a player I had my eyes on for a long time, but simply couldn't recruit, since he had a team at that time. I'm very pleased that he enjoys playing with us and wish him a great time in the team. Concerning Sony, he is added for the gosugamers cup, and we are currently trying him out, I do not know his plans, but we do enjoy playing with him atm, so time will tell if he will be a main player for the team.

2 month ago we tried to get salary for Fear so he didn't have to work beside school, too bad it didn't work out, and that is the main reason he is so inactive atm. He is still a key person for the team, and even though he is not very active he is still a part of the team. He simply can't live from playing dota, so unless some sponsor comes by with a offer for salary for fear im afraid he will stay inactive for some time.

Kebap is currently not playing much computer, he choose the "real life" and as game it can sometime be hard to find the right balance btw the gaming and the real life so I respect his decition.

For the team, we had a hard period where motivation dropped to near zero. Misery leaving and not being able to find a solid replacement, the spirit dropped low. About misery leaving: none of us holds a grudge or anything, we are still good friends, and when time is there we do have some games and we will for sure meet up irl again for some beers and fun.

I'm pleased somehow with our win today vs DTS, but I can tell we still got a lot to work on, DTS had way more clever tricks in their sleve today then us. A good game plan won today, but in the long run DTS still seem far ahead of us. But with the moral back, we will hopefully work our way back to the top. Everything takes time, I just hope the team will stick together to accomplish a goal like that, cause its been way to hectic lately, and personally I lost a lot of spirit, and got a really shitty attitude to the game cause of it.

3 very very hard games await us, MYM twice and GGnet once in 3 diff tours, this could either be our way back, or a step back, but no matter the outcome I hope for the team to keep the good attitude we have atm, and build up stronger bonds.

Peace out Ducky

onsdag den 15. september 2010


Yo I got some request to update my blog, so I will. :)

Been quite some time since I last wrote here.

Lets start at the beginning - Misery, Mirakel and I had a blast of a trip to Jordan, sadly not long after returning Puppey put his dirty hands into our team and snapped Mirakel for him self, which ofcourse left a big gap to fill for us. To put it simple we where quite lucky, that many top players at that time were free on the market, and we decided to try some of them. Azen told me that fear would quit dota, so I hurried to contact him to hear for my self. When fear got the offer for a tryout he decided to give it a last chance, and here we are with fear in the rooster. I already said a lot of great words about both our additions so not gonna repeat my self. Vigoss, Misery and I, meet in eedl game where he played a flawless qop, giving us the impression of how stunning his play was. We decided to contact him to see if he was interested in playing once more. The result you know :D. A lot of top teams like to have 5 man roosters or 6 man roosters with 5 regular players. We decided to make it a 6 man rooster cause the nationality's in our team is way more split then before, having a 5 man rooster wouldn't do. Ofcourse I don't like the idea of having 5 regular players, and I simply don't see who to sit out anyway. So we will be playing all of us, not at the same time ofcourse, but we will take turns. I don't wanna have anyone feeling left out. The true power of our 6 man rooster is proberly how well we can swap roles now. Im proberly the only player in the team that is stuck on my role. Santa misery fear can all play diffrent roles, vigoss gank, and baby carry. So no matter how we set our lineup we will be able to fill in the roles required. I also just added a manager for the team, my old manager from unique-esports TMA, he is a super nice guy and a friend of baby, misery and me. Now he just need to meet vigoss, santa and fear. He will be helping us as much as he can. Im very happy he accepted the offer, to be honest there where no other guy i'd like to offer the job.

So the mymprime is soon comming to an end, and im happy to see our name within the last 4 teams. We only had trouble one game so far - against pain, they played suprisingly well, and kinda came like a tornado on a sunny day. We weren't really prepared for an all out war, so we had to step up our game to secure victory. Big credit from me to pain, even though i don't support their way of playing against us.

I'm very happy to see the top 4 teams, including TR instead of LGD, are all teams of the spirit I support. Atm I can see 4 top teams in EU MYM, NWO, LOST.EU, DTS. The teams are very diffrent the way I see them, I can't say which is most effective. As I see it - MYM is a team that has great diciplin - strats are based on the mid game late game, they build their strats so they can turn the game even if they make mistakes early game. Its a frigtning team to play cause they hide very well on the map - moves togther and teamfight very well under pressure. Maelk lead them very well and is defently one of the more exp and respected leaders in the scene. DTS plays as one unit, putting high pressure on the enemy, but addind individual level to many of their games by letting Dendi or artstyle run wild, while Light Ns and Dread plays the strategian roles. This team knows how to use the advanges given to them, and plays with their feelings when they are able too. It's a team with a frightning aura surounding them. NWO I honestly don't know much about - only that it's a very strickt team, runned by Puppey who has very valid but harsh standings towards the gameplay. I don't know why I have this feeling but for me it feels like dictatorship. No offence ment by that. It's a team that plays very much with strategy and they are good at it. Last is us. We are a team playing mostly with our feelings. Strategy is mostly spontanius from our side, nothing is planned in any details, we have our exp and together we use that to pick heros and make strategy. We are a team that base big parts of our game on the individual level of our players, but at the same time we try our best to work as one unit. This mostly shows when we face hard opponents. When facing hard opponents the atmosfere change radically in our team - people getting fired up to a level you can't even immagine - when we put our game face on im sure we are a frigtning opponent too.

The reason I said I was happy to see TR MCITY DTS and US in the top 4 is because Mcity is a team you somehow could compare to DTS, Tr is a team you somehow could compare to us. It's the teams that plays for the fun of the game and put the hard booring strats behind them and face their enemy head on.

Concerning our game vs Nirvana.cn - I must say im just as suprised as many of you guys where. I expected more somehow - sure delay or lag had an influence on the game - but our gameplay was near flawless these games, team was fired up and rdy to battle with all we had. I think we caught nirvana.cn on a bad day - things simply didn't work for them, and im sure we took them by suprise. I won't put too much into these 2 games, we won and in my opinion we deserved to win those games, but playing them smm or WDC will be another challenge. LGD disapointed me too, I watched both games live and was stunned. To me they forgot their brain at home. Something was just off. basicly im disapointed by the chinese performence, knowing how well they can play. I won't underrestimate them, it would be pure suicide to do so. But they got something to think about too.

For our game vs DTS next saturday. Thx Vilat for spilling crap about us on pro.RU - This really got me fired up, even though I respect the DTS team like no other EU team, I will give it my all to beat them 2-0 and make Vilat eat his words. These games will for sure be some to remember. Wish us gl

Peace out Ducky

lørdag den 7. august 2010

Jordan update

Yo guys just wanted to give you a quick update on our jordan trip.

1 - day: after a long flight with the worst pilot ever :D, we arrived in amman jordan - I tell you first step out of the airplane it feels like hitting a wall - the heat is extreme. Only thing that makes me comfortable about the heat is that in saudi arabia its 20 dg hotter :). Anyway boss (ze7) sattary and sheva was nice and picked us up at the airport - cars without aircondition is sure suicide here. Ze7 took us to an awesome apartment we currently living in - we went out had some awesome juice and shawarma like I never had before. Smoked some sisha and chilled a very nice first day - the evenings are very nice here. The people are very friendly and makes you feel like home "even better then home".

2 - day we all got a nice rest - we meet up with luccianoz, ze7 and sheva and get to try some traditional jordan food - smoke sisha. People here are very social so its very normal you go in groups to do stuff. during the evening we went to "silent" and "destroy" for some really awesome tea with mass sugar (power up). on the way back "silent" and I took a ride in his brothers car mercedes SLK 200 (crazy shit driving 160 in the city) :D funny shit. We arrived at Dark Rider - the netcafe along with luccianoz (LOST) sponsoring our trip here - knowing European standard for net cafes I thought Dark Rider wouldnt be that big - I was Wrong this is without any doubt the best net cafe I ever been at - 80 computers with flatscreens "20" - "22" - logitech mouses - aircondition so the atmosthere is awesome. The most cool part is that all the computers are booked and the people playing all know eachother - Dark Rider is like a big famally - play, eat, drink (juice) all together. The computers are nice and the place is big its lots of space to move at. People here are eager to learn - the community is big and solid - everyone at Dark Rider plays Dota. 6 - 7 teams play here dayly. They all have questions and all listens. Personally id say the skill isnt very high as far as I experienced so far but the community has lots of potential. collect 80 players same place every day - mix it with devotion, high social basis, eager to get better - and you will get a dangeours result. Not sure but this is seems very simular to the russian and chinese community to me.

3 - day: Luccianoz and ze7 pick us up we go chilling - they rly know how to enjoy them self here a very relaxed and cool attitude to life. Luccianoz has a very big impact on people here - he is the friend of everyone and has a nice spirit that makes people wanna hang out a lot - seems like he has infinite energy :D - hes a man with mass plans for the future im not sure I fully understand it all - but im cool with that he is the boss and he is not only our sponsor but friend so I trust his judgement - I wanna do as good as posible for him hes been very helpfull and friendly with us. Anyway Luccianoz took us to some fancyplace to eat kebap hummus and a lot other :D but the hummus and kebap was awesome :D. actually you dont do much when the sun is up - you drive around with aircondition - eat, drink hf with you friends here very relaxed and chilled (I love it) at 11pm its normal for the guys to go to darkrider play lan games eedl or what ever they like - so we do this a lot playing some lan games some eedl shuffelplayers and just having fun playing a bit before the tour.

4 - day: we sleep long and go to wcg qualifyer for jordanian teams - Luccianoz really wanna support the jordanian community - so we went did a interview for television talked with the players - played some fifa guitarhero and chilled - then we went to this big market - lots of young chicks - unlucky they all went with fammaly :D but now i know that lucci and I dont have same taste in woman so at least we wont fight about that :D. We had some food chilled as usual - mira was staying home so we picked him up later and we to smoke sisha :) played some cards with the guys Misery lost and blamed the game ofcourse :D "garen", We went to the cafe and played all night - went home around 6 am.

5 - day: today Luccianoz invited us to his parents home for lunch - was rly nice and we got to try some traditional food with some crazy desert - all very heavy so all couldnt move for 30 min :D Now as you can see we sit in the cafe preparing for tomorrow.

Reading my own post it gets a bit hard to read and confusing with my settup sorry for that but im lazy as fuck so not gonna change shit :D

just wanna let you all know that we are having a nice time in Jordan and ze7 and Luccianoz is taking good care of us - we meet a lot awesome people like sattary sheva silent destroy zicko mightymate devil wanted crazydriver :D and so on sorry if i cant remember all nicks :D forgive me im only human. I have high hopes for the people here with the right attitude im sure they will rice the lvl in no time, great people and with luccianoz and ze7 support im sure they will make their goal.

Special thx to boss (ze7), Luccianoz and sheva for beeing awesome enouth to introduce us to all these nice people - to take care of us - show us your way not only gaming wise but you gave at least me a chance to take a look into your kultur and im happy to get a chance like this.

Hope you all good back home - Peace out Ducky

søndag den 1. august 2010

Gogo Rock on

Just wanna make a quick farewell before the boys and I fly to Jordan.

First of all id like to say that im really looking forward to the trip - the Jordan players has been super awesome already and im really looking forward to meet you all. I only heard cool and awesome stuff about Jordan so im really looking forward to the exp - so I can tell the Danish community that the middeleast doesn't have to be bombs and terroist all of them :). I'm 100% confident that we all gonna have some legendary fun. Just hope the heat is not gonna kill me:D. Hope there is some nice beaches where we can flash our nerdie bodies. Anyway im spitting crap atm - forgive me still heard from yesterdays too many beers.

Id like to shoutout to my new and super cool team - The best of luck to us - really happy with the adds we made - Dota is superfun again thx to you guys. I hope to bring the communiy more legendary mirakel stories. Anyway im without words for once so lets just enjoy a cool song.


mandag den 19. juli 2010


Yo Readers and haters.

So a lot has happend since I last updated my blog. First we got sponsored by Ibrahim the man behind [LOST], then we went to ESWC and finnished 5-6 place. After ESWC we split up and now we found our replacements.

So lets start at the beginning we got our self a new sponsor, and so far he has been super awesome. He came in just before ESWC and helped us with payment of airplane tickets and more. Hes been super reliable and done an awesome job for us, and it seems like its not stopping here. Recently he took in our russian comrades leaded by old allstar player PGG, and he just added a jordanian team that we most likely are going to visit the 1 Aug to the 10th Aug. Atm Ibrahim is trying to reach out to the middeleastern E-sport scene, and we are choosen as role moddels for that, im pleased to get such a job, and we in [LOST] will work hard to reach the goal set for us. I'm pretty sure there is more in store, but what Ibrahim is thinking 100% I don't know, but im sure he will include us when time are. I hope you will keep supporting us all in [LOST] and support Ibrahims contribution to the dota community.

We went to bootcamp (LODA, PAJKAT, MISERY, TWISTED and I) before the ESWC kicked of in paris, we started strong, but then something happend and our play and morale fell drastic. The bootcamp got a complete disator, people lost faith in each other and got annoyed by eachother, a thing I hadden seen comming, cause I thought we solved the problems at our stay in China. Loda hadn't been active the month before ESWC "online", and at the bootcamp it became clear to us all that atm no other player could lead the team in france, at least not with the players involved. Even though Loda didn't want to lead the team there where no other option at ESWC. Somehow I knew that the team needed to win the first matches to stand a chance at the event, but we got outpicked in our game against "OK", even though we didnt play bad this game, the few mistakes we made was enouth to throw away the game. And the result was clear, the team spirit feel drastic, we managed to win our next 2 games, but then as you know we ended up in the hardest group possible with AEON, DTS and EHOME. Not only that we had to play the key match first game aswell. In my opinion we got hard outpicked against DTS, and I did not agree at all on our picks. None the less we fought but lost. We managed to beat AEON and with a win against EHOME we could ensure a place btw the final 4. But as you know EHOME was simply too strong, id say it was the only team at the event we couldnt beat no matter how good the spirit was. We went out of the tour, and had a talk the day after. I didn't feel like playing with Loda anymore, not cause I don't like Loda, thats not the case, Loda is a nice person, simply cause I didn't agree with the choices made at bootcamp and at the event. I told the team that I would withdraw from the team after the event, but the thing about Loda and I wasnt the only problem. So instead the team choose to split up intirely. Loda wasn't sure if he wanted to contenue playing dota, and its still unclear, Pajkatt felt like going where Loda wants to go, Misery would like to stick with me and Twisted wasn't sure if he had time for dota. Poor Mirakel was left at home with no clue, so we choose to contact him, and im happy that he choose to stay with us. Babyknight allways wanted to play with Misery and I so both parts took their chance to join forces. Don't misunderstand me the old DDT team are still friends, there is no hard feelings btw people and it was a choice the team took together, and we all felt it was the right choice, so please support the choice we took instead of wondering how things turned out this way.

Today im happy to annouce our 5th player Santa, that we been scrimming with since we got home from paris. Santa has really proven to be outstanding the games we played with him, and he is a solid lan player. Every team need a bit russian blood in their team. Mirakel, Misery and I knew Santa from china and he is very faithfull to the team, a great player aswell as a friend. He plays and talks about the game just the way we like in this team, and with this add we are sure to do good not only online but on Lan aswell. Santa is joker, if you think santa is limitid then im really looking forward showing you that it isn't the case. Please welcome our new player as you welcommed any other member of this team and keep supporting us if we are the team you like. Best of luck from me to Santa.

So our new rooster looks as following: Misery, Mirakel, Babyknight, Santa and I. We are currently scrimming a bit with a 6th man, but our last add will simply be a player that standin when needed and helps us scrimming when we are not enouth online. The 5 man rooster as it is now is the main fokus.

I would like to wish Loda, Pajkatt and Twisted luck with whatever choices they make, thx for a great time together, some great exp and some good times drinking :D.

I would like to welcome Babyknight and Santa to the team, lets aim to get the best once again together!!!.

And I would like to thx the supporters of the team through out the time as Fnatic, TLT and DDT, whatever team you choose to follow be loyal, hopefully we can show you some good games so you can keep rooting for us. Peace out Ducky

lørdag den 22. maj 2010

Pussy EU

It seem to me that the proud european people is backing out from a fight. A lot upcoming events is about to happend the next time (ESWC, SMM, Looven tour in china, DTS cup). It looks bright for the dota comunity, a lot of lan events with higher prices then ever, a lot sponsors joined the scene again, some powerfull individuals choose to sponsor the scene and at least the asian and russian comunity still grows. Here in europe on the other hand, we can't handle a little wind in our faces, that makes us quit and choose the easy way. What is the easy way of dota? HON right? Might not be the case but if you are a highskilled dota player you must be left with that impression. Not to be an ashole or anything but if well known dota players as REXI and TRIXI "actually most known for their names (and ofcourse a short time in 4Kings)" can play HON for fnaticMSI. Kebap, who was a really good dota player, can manage to get on "the best HON team" in 2-3 month. A lot of the people you see in HON now a day is players that had a small period in their dota caree that was hard for them. Levent had a bad period for MYM and the disban of the team lead him to HON "A FRESH START". Isn't that a pussy attitude, I mean who the fuck havent had a bad dota period in their caree? I played horrible in MET, not long ago Maelk was really rusty for MYM, now he is back shining. Splitting up the comunity btw 2 games, one with an international competion and one with and EU competion, makes us EU players suffer the biggest lose. How are we to compete with the asians when we have to fill the gap of good players leaving the scene with people who are not rdy to play the high lvl game.

Sure HON proberly has some benefits, but I really doubt that its the main reason behind choosing it, especially with icefrog annoucing that he will make dota2 as an individual game. A lot of the strongest HON players commited big part of their caree to dota and keept in the same genere as dota, but took the easy step, why is that? Is it money? I think its because we are big pussies and cant handle a little set back. For me you guys are traitors to EU and to icefrog. He made a game you grew to love, you see problems in the game, but none of you did anything in particular to help solve the problems, you bailed him and changed horse when the big company came out with their product. Weak commitment.

Anyway its all seen before and funny enouth same shit happend for EU with cs and cs source. The players that had a though time getting to the top in cs choose to go to cs source where they could be the best. sure if you ask them they will just reply like you guys will reply this "graphic is better, it increases gameplay". pussies.

Dota has a bright future ahead of it with a lot of development atm, and the asian and EU scene is closer now then its ever been. But for EU not to lose this battle people have to grow some balls and fight when times are hard and not always just choose the easy way.

Its up to the community, the top players, the supporting webpages and icefrog ofcours to speak out their mind so HON and the big ass millionair faggot who has to put in the extra money to make HON more cool then dota, is not gonna take over the game people truely loves. Dreamhack is a buch of pussies and we should let them know. Hon already took a major offensive against DOTA, and so far we just let it be that way, cause what can common gamers and people like us do against a big company and a lot of money. Let me tell you. You can stand your ground as a lover of the game as a player as a newswriter or as an investor, we choose if EU dota shall contenue or just give up before the fight even started. So whatever happens keep it cool, support the true game, support the true competion you can do it from every position in the dota community.

Peace out (forgive my eng)

mandag den 17. maj 2010

I'm Back

First of all sorry for my sloppy comitment to my blog the past month.

A lot has happend since I posted here last time, not only on the scene generally but for the team (DDT), we choose to release Miggel and Angel. And now I'm proud to annouce our new recruits that will help us to reach new hights, Pajkat and Twisted. Twisted has been seen a lot for our team the past time, Pajkat have been playing with the past time and we are all impressed. It's two solid players both with diff forces. Twisted is a solid support player and in genneral a strong teamplayer. Pajkat has a great game understanding, hes been seen with a lot top teams the past year, but had a hard time fitting with them. But with loda and pajkat together I doubt it will be a problem. In common for both they been friends of the team for a long time, so we already know each other quite well. As for a site note, what happend with the rooster change has been a decition the team made together and not cause there's been any big problems, its simply cause we think this will pay out in the long run. I wish both Angel and Miggel gl finding a new home and hope to see them very soon again. We also decided to add a manager as in Broesly, his been happy to help the team for some time now, and paid a lot of attention to our team. He is very relaxed guy not sticking his nose to deep and we respect him for that. I'm especially happy about adding a manager, now I dont have to run around doing everything :D. Glad to have you on the team.

The recent time the team has been playing up and down, but after yesterdays game vs Competo we had a talk about goals and comitment towards the team. Feelings has been mixed, none the less DDT has been together for ages and our talk really got the excitment back. We will hopefully be reborn soon, and with ESWC annoucing 5 more invites we have something to aim for. The team has a hard time infront of us, we need to prac hard and fight hard together to make our game perfect again ":D",luckyly everyone agree on this so now that our spirit is restored we wont take any game easyly anymore, and our aim will once again be to face the asians, this time in top shape!!!.

I would like to say sorry to our fans for our 2 place in farm4fame and for the episode yesterday, but fear not we wont give up that easy. Please welcome our new guys to the team and lets aim together to win ESWC!!!! It's defently a goal we can reach with this squad!!. Thx for the support!!

Ahead of us is MYM in Pickleague, we will show you our comitment!!

Peace out