mandag den 17. maj 2010

I'm Back

First of all sorry for my sloppy comitment to my blog the past month.

A lot has happend since I posted here last time, not only on the scene generally but for the team (DDT), we choose to release Miggel and Angel. And now I'm proud to annouce our new recruits that will help us to reach new hights, Pajkat and Twisted. Twisted has been seen a lot for our team the past time, Pajkat have been playing with the past time and we are all impressed. It's two solid players both with diff forces. Twisted is a solid support player and in genneral a strong teamplayer. Pajkat has a great game understanding, hes been seen with a lot top teams the past year, but had a hard time fitting with them. But with loda and pajkat together I doubt it will be a problem. In common for both they been friends of the team for a long time, so we already know each other quite well. As for a site note, what happend with the rooster change has been a decition the team made together and not cause there's been any big problems, its simply cause we think this will pay out in the long run. I wish both Angel and Miggel gl finding a new home and hope to see them very soon again. We also decided to add a manager as in Broesly, his been happy to help the team for some time now, and paid a lot of attention to our team. He is very relaxed guy not sticking his nose to deep and we respect him for that. I'm especially happy about adding a manager, now I dont have to run around doing everything :D. Glad to have you on the team.

The recent time the team has been playing up and down, but after yesterdays game vs Competo we had a talk about goals and comitment towards the team. Feelings has been mixed, none the less DDT has been together for ages and our talk really got the excitment back. We will hopefully be reborn soon, and with ESWC annoucing 5 more invites we have something to aim for. The team has a hard time infront of us, we need to prac hard and fight hard together to make our game perfect again ":D",luckyly everyone agree on this so now that our spirit is restored we wont take any game easyly anymore, and our aim will once again be to face the asians, this time in top shape!!!.

I would like to say sorry to our fans for our 2 place in farm4fame and for the episode yesterday, but fear not we wont give up that easy. Please welcome our new guys to the team and lets aim together to win ESWC!!!! It's defently a goal we can reach with this squad!!. Thx for the support!!

Ahead of us is MYM in Pickleague, we will show you our comitment!!

Peace out

3 kommentarer:

  1. Great read as always.
    I believe the fans will be very happy with the two additions as well.
    Also wish u the best of luck in the months that follow!

  2. Hey ducky. Best of luck to you and your crew. Im from asia and have always been a fan of Loda and crew from the beginning. Best of luck and our wishes are always with you

  3. for me the best team DDT: D I admire you that is for me the best support the world gives, gives hope to win the global Razer: D greetings from a fan from south america "PERU"