torsdag den 1. april 2010


I'm back, still a happy man, happy beeing able to play with so nice and skilled people everyday, and our win against nirvana left us with an awesome feeling. Yet I'm still a bit worried, must say they were stronger then I expected. Was three very good games, my team whined abit about outpick first game, but they kinda sucked dick first game too, so to blame picks must be the easiest :). Anyway not gonna talk about our games vs nirvana, just want to say I'm already looking forward to our next encounter.

First of all I would like to say thx to the people responding to my question about the hero kunka, I'm hoping and aim to bring you guys more into the discution, so if you have any ideas or wishes don't hesitate to tell me. Won't promish that I will look into the case though.

I will start today speaking about my thoughts about the hero kunka. I personally see the hero as an overrated hero (my team doesn't share this opinion though). The hero it self benefits the overall team a lot, the ship, the high dps and the carry potential. Problem is the hero is rated very highly and therefor picked very early, and as I see it range carry > melee carry. Kunka needs a lot of attention, it needs a strong supporter to lane with, and the supporter can't really help in other lanes, cause if you leave kunka alone it will have a struggel. The hero is not that fitted for ganking it self, you need to move to were he is to get good ganks. When kunka is picked fast mb as 1 or 2 pick the enemy team will have an easy time predicting how you will lane and play with kunka, and its easy to counter on lane. The supporter that lanes with kunka will be very fragile in many cases, since if he is fokused the kunka need to hit a torrent to defend the weak supporter. A torrent is easy to avoid in many cases, and a team thats already imobised by having 2 heros stuck on a lane (kunka and supporter) will have a hard time moving to help them. To prove my point a bit, during picks, if kunka is picked high, you will already have shown one of your melees to the oponent, so picking a sven or sk right after is hard, since that would bring you in trouble for your last picks. Therefor if not banned there is a high posibility that the enemy is having at least one of these 2 strong iniciaters. In some cases you can shut down kunka entierly by putting a 3 lane against him, and kunka really needs the farm to benefit the team. I still think kunka can be picked, but for me it really depends on the situation, if you pick him to high I personally see a big risk and in most cases you will be outpicked. You can ofcours try your self to 3 lane with kunka and it works in some cases, but 3v3 when you got kunka and they got sven, id say the odds are against you. Only supporter that really fits kunka is venge in my opinion, and it can be really hard to get both of them, and you will have to play perfekt the first lvls, and kill your opponents for venge to be able to roam afterwards. Kunka can in some cases be used solo mid and can in some cases be a good pick, but as first or second pick I don't like him, he is simply to weak in lane phase, and your team will pay for it if you don't rape lanes and the early game.

Now that he is out of my world, id like to talk a little about the top teams, as I see them. Right now the scene is very active and I'm glad to see that a lot of teams found their fighting spirit again. DTS seem to be back in shape, and I'm thrilled and happy to see them beeing able to put in use of their qualities. It's a team worthy to challenge the top, and I hope to play them at their best. We gonna face them in our next pl match, and I hope it will be a good game. TR looks very promishing aswell, with their addition of players like beast and pajkatt. Beast is a monster and a very solid player. If they can keep pgg sober and do some scrims it will be a team to look out for. They have been scrimming some lately and I wish them the best luck. Competo is a team putting a lot effort into the game lately and I'm sure they will reach result soon, its a team with great spirit. I hope they won't make the same mistake as nfinty did back in the days. I was a big fan of nfinity, but they split up after great succes, people got to big egos and were drafted to powerhouse DMZ. I personally think nfinity was the best ger team we had the past 2 years. Before them was Raptor, a team that did well before they became dmz. For Competo to have succes they will have to stick together and fight together, lose or win doesn't matter as long as the spirit is there. And right now its a team with a lot of spirit. My next game analyse will be of Competo's next game, I made a promish with "blowme" about this. Vanity is a new formed team of old SGC players and old esuba players, I hope they will hang in there and take some of the spirit from the old team with them, I don't expect to see much from this team right away, but maybe they will strike back after some time of scrimming. Teg and Lan has disapointed me a bit lately, teams with hugh names, but not bringing good results. Teg is a special case though, I don't know much about them other then its a team that plays really epic in periods and in other periods looses all. Maybe they are just having a relax time :). Lan on the other hand seem to be very active, and they actually do pretty well when facing strong teams, but they fail hard when facing teams they should beat on the paper. Its a mystery for me how a team of that caliber can be this unstable. I hope they will pull them self together soon and once again show some of the amazing play I know they can produce. Rather unknown teams to look out for would be the swedish teams, yb and Druidz. Some of the strongest swedish players are currently in these teams. Nyllet, pinoy and wagamama is all players in my eyes capable of playing on the highest level in dota. Int exl and gosu might have a bright future too, time will tell if they are willing to put the effort and time it takes into it, to mix with the best. Dips and AAA seems to be at a standstill atm, but I hope they will find new spirit to fight with soon. This is ofcourse only as I personally see the scene atm, I wish all teams gl, and I hope to see more top teams soon, so we can get a real competion in EU like they have in Asia.

Remember if you guys have anything on your mind, please state it and I will see if I can find time and interest to look into it.

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  1. Hi, i just wanna thank you for this blog, its a pleasure to read your every blog entry. I also like how you can call things just like you see it, it very refreshing. Thanks, keep it like that! ;-)

  2. you didn't comment on how nirvana is doing lately, as they do not seem mentally strong as before, and losing not only to you (which was awesome) but also to some random teams, that was pretty weird if you ask me, and how do you think OK will stand now that Drayich and Synd are gone?

    I share the opinion with you that is to see DTS fighting again, they have such good players, i seriously don't know why they haven't become one of the team to beat, in the scene.

    Great post, a follower here, you talk about interesting stuff........

  3. These are good times Ducky. It's a good thing that you're keeping a watchful eye on other teams but don't go making promises everywhere. It's only a few days back that you were concerned about the flamers.

    Also, Loda is getting the spotlight of the team. It's always good to have a star player but it's essential that the other players feel equally important.

    Generally I don't write such things in the public but I hope you understand what I'm tring to say.

  4. i agree with your reasonings about kunkka.

    he isn't a bad pick, but the thing is that there are many picks i would prefer over him, at least early picks, such as slardar/sven/sk (and ofc strong supporter).

    keep up the good work btw, i enjoy reading your blog and you are quite active too :)

    also, ignore the haters. it's a waste of time and energy to write this long entries about those haters, since they won't read them anyway lol, so just fuck it. you are a great supporter, and ppl who understand dota at least a bit will see that.

    gl in the future :)

  5. wow, you have by far the most interesting blog amongst the top player bloggers. CUT THE RL CRAP TALK ABOUT DOTA :D

  6. The fans are desperate for news man... A lot of us are worried about the future of the team. Really hope u'll get back in shape soon though <3

  7. I consider myself a fan of you, I am from a South American countries, as many as we want to play against you, because for me is the best support of the gaming world, I hope you fix everything and wanted to be his friend clear whether can give me some advice and help, I would like to adopt me as your friend xD, luck
    sorry for my English I'm not that good but I do what I can bye