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So today we played two games vs MYM, and we tried to play without one of our core players misery. How did this affekt us?

1 game - I think I selfowned us a bit during picks, personally I didn't want to pick the lion, but the team was really up for it. We got some weak lanes and we put them wrong. basicially we kinda got owned in all lanes, only dusa and panda got farm in the early game stage and we didn't really have heros to go on them. They picked smart, picking sk first pick while the rest of the core inciators was banned. Mym farmed well, and got their blink daggers fast, and took a lot of our towers down. I was left a little in the dark as maiden, couldn't do much. Our movement was sloppy, I think it was cause the picks didn't fit us too well, and we kinda made a lot of mistakes during the game. Some on the team was too offensiv while others as I see it played passiv - wich in this case was smartest. actually the situation in this game is quite the same as we saw in the OK vs MYM game 1, where MyM putting a lot of pressure on us, as they did vs OK. Defence is in almost every case the easiest to play and its shows in this game, MyM inciating on maiden (me) behind tower on top and loses the fight on it. Loda was outstanding this game, getting the maximum out of dusa, showing the true str of the hero. Playing without misery makes it easier to play passiv, but we lack a lot early game without him. As I said to the team before the game: "first game is without misery, we have to move, it will be hard without him". Guess we didn't succed that well :). Even though we played horrible in periods of the game, the people on this team is exp enouth to choose the right decisions in the end. We fought our team fights well, and we punished them the right times in the game. I would still go as far as saying this was DDT's worst game so far as DDT. Ofcourse MYM is a strong opponent, but I take most of the blame, cause our picks wasn't that well excecuted. If we had put maiden panda top, dusa mid, lion potm down I think we could have done better as misery mentioned after the game. Anyway we made to many mistakes, and that made the game too exciting. Btw pusher gave me no chance downlane to herras back, with that annoying pugna, mym played very well the early phase of the game. In the end I'm once again happy to be able to play with people like loda, who can turn a game we messed up around all alone and make us all look good. :D

2 game - This time our picks was really good, again team and I didn't totally agree with me, they wanted to ban sven, while I was scared of the pushing power in the hero pugna. Im happy I got to sit on the blue or pink collor, meaning I can use that power to make the final decision. So with the ban on sk, sven was a strong fp, Misery dropped during picks but yelled on vent "maybe its time to do our kotl storm lane". And boy I couldn't agree more, so storm and potm was picked, we had a nice setup for strong lanes. Rex was picked lp for us due to low time, but I regretted immediatly after (even though rex would be strong as shit too), ballanar was the better pick, and nice sportsman ship from MYM's side allowing us to change it. The game talk for it self, we played very well, only did few mistakes, but not game deciding. A fast decision to swap our raping downlane with top lane, made us own the annoying silencer aswell. Anyway DDT was back in shape 2 game, ofcourse you could say MYM was outpicked too, and that might not be a lie, but we punished them like they punished us 1 game, but there was no chance for them to get back in the game, so they decided to ff. A fair call. GG was two good games, too bad first game from our side, sorry for that.

I got a question for my readers. I been thinking a lot about heros the past time, and one hero I would like discuse with you. Is kunka worth picking as a high tire hero? (picking it fast). I won't answer my opinion right away, will save that for my next post. But think about the hero, and give me some arguments to why it should be picked fast or not (is it overrated or not).

Again sorry for my bad english hope you understand.

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  1. Love your commitment to the blog. Really appreciate the work you put in to it:) keep it up!
    Also, GG today :)

  2. Thank for insight of the game.

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  4. To your question : I think Kunkka is worth a second pick. He's not as imba as he used to be but Tidebringer is excellent for harassing and last-hitting/farming purposes, Torrent deals high damage and has stun + slow, and ofc Ghost Ship.

    But what's best with Kunkka is that he's one of the few str initiators who can solo well (as in, not letting the enemy completely freefarm), gank and even somehow carry. I would pick him if I don't have good initiators in my dual lanes or maybe if I get a trilane with a solo farmer like Dusa, Kunkka perfectly fits the team in this case. I mean, a trilane with 2 supports and a carry (like Leoric) in sentinel top for instance, and Dusa sentinel bot.

    But there are way better heroes that are worth a first pick more than him (Rylai, Lion, Rhasta, Sven, Slad... quite a lot of them in the pool actually)

  5. YaY! Congrats on the F4F win!

  6. I think Kunkka is a strong mid pick, like 2-3-4th hero. He is a great compliment to most core lineups like with dark seer or sven or puck, just to name a few. But he isn't a core hero on his own. If you have heroes good at stopping movement then he is definitely a solid pick, as his burst damage can wipe out a team in a matter of seconds with a lothars and a bfury and phase boots. If you look at some of the Chinese replays of him you can se ethat they use him as like a aoe nuker every 4 seconds with as much base damage as possible, and I think this makes him very viable as a pure damage dealer rather than the semi carry we are seeing in the euro scene

  7. Firstly like to say congrats on the win today against Nirvana.int. Also a big thank you for often updating your blog. Its always interesting reading someones opinion whether you agree with them or not. Finally I'd like to add about pirate. I agree that hes a good 2-3 hero. Also interested that no one seems to have mentioned his X-mark. I think the move is incredibly useful in jumping one hero. Putting they opponents in a position where they have to either go in to save or let one team mate die. The rum buff too is often not considered even though it can be game changing.

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  9. Pirate is indeed a strong hero, his spells fit into many strats. Personally I wouldn't pick kunka first or second.
    His solo ability and ability to allow roamers to successfully gank his lane is strong, torrent is a very long disable.
    But I feel kunka should be picked only for these four reasons:
    1) X marks the spot is one of the best counters for heroes with escape abilities such as leap, blink, ball lightning.
    2) Against real opponents Tidebringer is not really going to allow you to harrass, its uses are best aimed at early-midgame farming and in teamfights it is a very strong counter to support heroes which are coming in to aid their team.
    3) Pirate is one of the best counter engage heroes, he is also one of the hardest heroes to chase due to X and torrent.
    Generally have some form of tank or tank initate (slardar,sven) begin a fight or get engaged on. After which your opponents generally have to group in to deal damage to the hero they are engaging on. Torrent cast range is very far so kunka can back up from a distance, and ship causes your opponents to split up, this gives time for your teammates to join in the fray. Most important of all is the rum, whether or not the ship hits is NOT important, the rum means that the initiator that tanked spells is still able to continue fighting, the movespeed from the rum also brings in your teammates quicker. And X is still available for use, because the torrent was cast from a distance and you were not seen casting it, your opponents will not dodge it.

    4) In the use of 2 or 3 'item dependant' heroes. Pirate's spells are very powerful for holding back pushes, his rum allows your soft carries to be usefull early game without wasting gold on tank items. Often the item dependant carries still have good spells early game, there is nonsense spread around that a game with 3 carries on a team is turtle, you pick according to what spells are needed for your strat and you play your strat.
    If you watch many games you will notice how good pirate is for saving teamies with rum,torrent and X.

    Whilst pirate can initiate with X torrent ship combo, I find that is often a waste of his rum. I prefer to have a hero engage the enemy first to hold them in place for pirate's long disable chain to hit.

    Pirate is also a very versatile hero and fits into many strats, this doesn't mean he should religeously be picked early.
    Pick with a general strat in mind but adapt it to counter your opponent's strat.

    Ps: I was looking to send you an email, but I cannot find your email address.

    Keep up the good work Ducky, Your blog has been a good read and it keeps me thinking about dota strategy^^

  10. hello, you know I'm a fan of you and the team DDT, for me are the best I see your replays and everything, the only thing I can say is that Kunkka autowin: D

    luck bye