torsdag den 4. marts 2010

Disagreement about Drayich view on the version

So Drayich is once again out pointing fingers, and this time funny enough he critic’s the part of the gameplay I see The-Shit lagging the most. The farm ability. I’m just going to state my opinion on this matter and about this version. Finally Ice Frog managed to put up a version where most hero’s are able to get used, agi str int doesn’t matter most hero’s have their forces and a lot can be used in special occasions. Drayich talk about gaining more gold for hero kills wanting to go a bit back so we can get more kills and stuff, this would mean removing a lot of the current agi hero’s from the game as I see it, and not really bringing any new into the gameplay. Right now dota is not only about the movement on the map, the talk on the vent, the sync of the team its about beeing strategies, using what ever mean to win, just like any other game. You don’t cry in Counterstrike cause CT can camp at bomb spots, you deal with it. I think this version challenge teams to think more, to make up strats working against other strats finding the right gameplay against diff sort of strats. Like there are diff type of gank hero’s if you like to play with massive gankers. Some of them are capable of doing well as late gamer as well as ganker, to point one out for people confused as Drayich (SVEN), others benefit your team fight ability beside of beeing really strong during the early stage of the game, I point out one more for the people confused (sand king) I only name one but there is a lot more, but its up to you to use the brain as well to think a bit.
Drayich talks about giving more credit to the hero killers and the team killing so you can get stronger faster. Again I disagree, there is a reason why you name hero’s in category’s “Support, Gank and Carry”. Sure a support can be used as a gank hero and a gank hero as a carry and the other way around and all heros can be used diff but none the less if you are smart, you pick gank hero’s to kill the enemy for them to lose gold and secure you own carry. That’s the ability of a gank hero. That’s why people pick from all taverns now a day. You need all the diff roles, and that’s a challenge, a nice one.

I would like to bring up an example:
In EU its very popular to play with a lot of gank hero’s mainly cause most teams suck at farming so you just have to punish the other teams late gamer few times to secure the game. Our game in f4f against you see going for 3 late gamers and their gameplan is to turtle and win late game. They have 2 heros supporting these 3 carry hero’s while we on the other hand choose only 1 carry hero and 4 hero’s to gank and secure our carry. The result, our carry got all the farm needed to rape the game in a very early stage of the game, their carry’s got almost nothing cause their 2 supports got run over by 4 hero’s. A plan is made from both teams, and in this case the ganking one winning, cause its well executed. You need to have a gameplan to succed your way of playing and if you got that im sure every possible way of playing dota is possible, if Tribal choosen maybe only 2 carry heros and 1 more on the support part im sure they would have done a better job. Pappa Drayich its all about reading the situation, if you can’t farm then its about time you learn it, cause farming is a part of the gameplay in dota.

Just want to say a last thing about this matter, I don’t like you saying dota has got more booring to watch compared to 48.b. You are right about first team to get blink wins in 48.b. If ice frog choose to listen to you, the gameplay will look like this. Team winning early game wins the game. Win your lanes and you won the game. I don’t like it I think you gain SO MUCH already killing hero ganking, and its damn entertaining to see a team fight its way back into a game after beeing completely raped in the early game phase. Facts are these, you need to master all 3 phases of the game to win a game of dota. Maybe instead of crying about what is unstable in one of the best versions made you should sit down think a bit about what you could do better to master the mid game and late game aspects for your team. Everyone should so we could rice the level.

Concerning the magic stick, the item is indeed one of the best atm, if it’d to be changed for a more fair item there should be put a time delay on the charge receiving. If to make an example kotl charges wave the magic stick will first get its charge 2 seconds after. Same if you get stunned you will first receive your charge 2 seconds after. This way people cant use magic stick as radar spotting gank, dodging arrows and all that crap. And you can’t use it as a instant save. It would still be a very strong item, but would balance the lane phase a bit more.

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  1. You are right about almost everything you said. Completely agree about the last part of your post, the "free radar" part. :P That would be really nice.

  2. The radar thing sucks ATM, and your arguments are real wider than Dray's ones :)