søndag den 21. marts 2010

What up with people?

a little more then a week ago I got asked to do an interview for mymym, I guess some people actually do find some of what I say interesting. Once again Gosugamers community (big part of EU dota community) is fast at judging. I answered the questions honestly, I mean why would I do an interview if I would hide something. Might sound cocky to some, but all I did was being honest. What ever people think of my game, I don't care about, I know im importan to my team and that noone can do what I does for DDT, but must say I'm a bit disapointed getting hated this much, for no reason as I see it. Some say I got cocky and not always been this way. Thats not true, I just never been in a team where I was this confident, I always spoke the truth, if I in unique didn't sounds as cocky as now its simply because I knew our limits. I wouldn't go state to the public that we were one of EU finest when we weren't. Now that I honestly think we are one of EU's finest, why am I not allowed to say so? Should I praise other teams when asked about them, if I don't think they earned any? Ofcourse i'm confidence, I have been given no reason not to be.

I make interviews for you, the community, but most of all to our supporters, does fans want to hear confidence or a cover up for a statement just to look good to the public eye? I open my own blog for you, the community, for people who want to know more and learn, for any fans I might have (don't know if thats the case). I start to understand more and more why some people refuse to make interviews, parts of our community is just sad people, useing every excuse given to hang out people. A lot speaks about me and other people without even having the slightest idea of who I am or the person they trash talk. More of these people never even played or spoke to me, and still if asked could write an essay about how bad, cocky and terrible person I am.

I know I wasn't "pro" when playing in "MET", wasn't the most easy part to play none the less my time there, I even was suprised when asked to join back in the days. Not playing dota for 4 months, and then straight into top lvl dota, welcome cruel world. I don't regret it though, but past is past, and who ever says I haven't deserved a role on this team must be blind or just fucking hating me for my past. Get over it. I consider my self one of the most honest players on the scene, not only towards the community, but to my self as well. I'm not trying to prove anything to you besides the results, I don't need to take on things I'm not cut out to do, I do what I'm best at, if thats being the sacrifice for my teammates to shine and own, then be it. You don't have to play a fabouls sf or morph to play dota on highest level. Sometime gameunderstanding, personality and spirit can be what a team needs. I don't want people to compare me to players lik misery or loda, cause I'm well aware of their skills, and wouldn't be fair to compare us. We don't offer the same to the team.

Damn straight I hope the community wakes up one day and stop the mean hate and change it to support of the team they like. If people commented "Ducky you are wrong, nirvana is going to teach you a lesson" it would be a cool comment, shows the support to the team you like, instead of commenting "stfu this fuking noob why people keep interview this fknoob :-?? he is the worse player i ever know ....." or if you don't like me getting interview say something like "I hope they soon do a interview with xxxx" I really see no reason for these stupid comments, many of them is not for sharing just personal attacks.

Now I'm no saint or angel sure I proberly did my share of hate, and made my mistakes aswell, so let me the first to appoligise.

Peace out.

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  1. You're thinking in the wrong way Ducky if you expect your so called 'haters' would apologize to you. After all, THEY ARE HATERS... Ignore them!

    It takes courage to speak out the truth and you did by attacking the highest of teams in the competitive world, why the hell should you NOT expect THEIR FANS to flame you? You will definitely get respect from people who like to hear the truth but why would a OK fan love you when you pick out their weaknesses (Do that in the game :P)

    You should pay attention to what I say... focus on the game and please keep this blog for your lovers, the fans are the one who deserve your attention Ducky.

    Again, Good Luck vs Nirvana.int

  2. I'm a huge DDT fan and also big fan of yours. I just wanted to tell that you should really ignore all the haters and that you should keep all of your focus on the game.

    I learned that if you do that, the game itself becomes much more fun to play.

  3. u know what makes me sad ducky? that u take these comments serious, thats very sad, im not cheering for you or your team, im not cheering for anyone at the very moment, im hoping for good matches and better sponsorships for pro teams in eu. but an attitude like yours, shouldnt be changed only cos some stupid kids are reacting on your interview like this. just dont give a shit and go on with your job. U dont have to ignore everyone in the scene, but at least be a man, grow up and ignore the kids. these statements like yours always remind me maelk's words which were something like -internet is full of little kids hiding behind anonymity- this is very true for dota scene as well, and u dont help on it at all if you try to explain what you said and comment on their comment. this kind of effort is just a waste, and i know you have time nowadays cos no job no school no girl etc but at least dont waste that time on such stupid things like reacting on the "haters/fans" comments. gl and keep up the work with DDT.

  4. I'm not actually a big fan of DDT, I actually like Nirvana.int more. But there are nobody as honest as you in the community.

    People need to tell me one good reason why this man shouldn't be confident of himself and his team. Yes, DDT is one of the best 3 teams in EU DotA community, the other 2 are MYM and NV.int. So tell me one good reason why Ducky shouldn't say "Our team is one of the best in EU community". Everybody knows that. DDT is one of the best 3 teams in EU community. Why the FUCK shouldn't Ducky say that ? WHY ? I really don't understand these fuckn people, so i don't give a hoop to them or what they say. Because it's not important. I suggest the same to you as well Ducky, GL and keep up the marvellous work with DDT.

  5. Hi Ducky,

    If there is anything you should learn from this, it is ignoring trolls on the forums. They take their pleasure just to have others notice them that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

  6. HEY i know ddt is good =D
    This is not a matter that u are honest anot.
    You are just bloody thick skinned = " cocky "
    Whether DDT are good anot is not up to you to say...Its up to the community itself to judge.And so goes to Team OK.The so called "Honest" u said is just to cover yourself.
    Who knows when will DDT disband there is no forever and when the day comes its the end of you.What will groom in the future depends on what you plant now.Do fucking take that in mind.People needs to be humble so that even when they fall ppl will respect them cause they were once great . what you are doing now is just damaging ur reputation .

  7. Respekt til dig for at sige hvad du mener, og ikke hvad folk vil høre.
    Bare ignorer de fjolser der mander sig op til at flame folk via en anonym forum post, det kunne ikke være mere lige gyldigt. Derimod er det fedt at du kører dit eget show og fortæller hva du tænker på.

    Også mange tak for dine analyser af games, hjælper meget :)

  8. Well DDT is imo the best in europe so u can say that as much as u want and about the "community" they are 90% of the time wrong. Have you ever seen them praise a suport or most of the cases even initiatior? No, it's only the carry and ganker that get credits. Sort of like football, in like 15 years one defender got the award "Best player in the world" that dosent mean they're not good, that just means the ppl prefere to watch an offensive player score or dribble even tho they know he wouldn't do that without his defensive midfielder winning the ball for him. Your truthfulness is what makes me like you more then other players on the scene. You, Misery- and Loda are my fav players since u speak your mind and isn't afraid of ppl caring what u say, i thought. You just need to rise above all 12 year olds that play Traxex on public and end up with 12-2 stats and are SO PROUD of it. Both me and you and rest of the world know they would never do what you do better or even close as good. Ye, wall of text is nice.