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DDT vs TR, DDT vs AAA, OK vs MYM and DDT vs

I’m back after a short break from the writing (hasn’t been a lot moving these days).

Today I want to talk about 3 diff things, the MYM vs. OK games (yes OK again, seems like these guys take some headlines), Our 2 games today vs. TR and AAA, and I want to take a look on the upcoming games against, how is our chances?

Well I will start out talking about our 2 superb games today. The game vs. AAA id say we where a bit surprised by them picking kunka 1 pick, when our plan was for them to pick vs. or sladar. This brought the idea of going for the strong -armor strategy up, yet then we didn’t pick sladar right away since it was highly likely that they wouldn’t pick it after picking kunka 1 pick - 2melee after 3 picks usually isn’t the way to pick. So instead we grabbed 2 of the strongest lane dominating hero’s potm and vs. After the picking phase the team was really confident, we felt like having the upper hand, and the lane play showed we where right. I haven’t seen how top lane went but must have gone pretty well, at least Azen and I shut down the morph completely leaving Azen to farm up sladar really fast. Our plan was to get daggers on sladar and templar really fast making us mobile for ganking with potm sladar and ts to catch the opponents. This worked out as it should and we left AAA no chances what so ever. I think our play today was near flawless, only few small mistakes was made, but they where not crucial.

The game vs. TR was another story, we picked a bit more passive hero’s, knowing Azen a man that can carry a team alone upon so small shoulders. We had small disagreements about the picks, but in the end I couldn’t stop picking the solo sandking. After the picks our plan was to help our 2 carry get their core items, pressure the enemy in top and mid lane as hard as possible to make this possible (miracles job as tidehunter). Angel was kinda left alone in the dark, plan was just for him to survive and grab as much as possible without risking to much, that he choose to go rape the lane alone instead is another story. When we put our lanes and think about how we can do best we always expect our opponents to play flawless as well, wasn’t the case and normally isn’t the case in EU that’s why even in a game like this where our solo drops after 14 min we manage to win every lane. Sloppy play by TR gave us the advances for free. Sad for them we are not a team not punishing people when they make mistakes, and we certainly did this game. Even if our plan was to farm up a bit secure our carry hero’s and then take them by force at mid-late game, they gave us the opportunity even 4v5 to rape them in both early and early-mid-game. This game too we play almost flawless sure some situations could have been done differently, I could have looked a bit more on the minimap top before getting killed by lion puck, but again its small mistakes that won‘t matter in the big picture if you just punish them even harder when they don‘t play as they should.

Later in my blog I would love to discuss when a replay deserves the mark of “RR”.

Now for the MYM vs. OK games, it’s not that I’m trying to hang out OK mentioning them every time in my blog, it simply seems like they draw a lot of attention towards them. I saw 4 of the games 1,2,4,5 I believe it was. The one with the roof I missed (happy for that) :D. Now a big part of the community loved the games “OK” won, they all had DRAMA, COMEBACK and mass action (team fights). How come DDT’s games never has these aspects? I’m not going to answer that question directly I bet most of you will be able to see it after reading my analyze of the games.

Game 1.

In my opinion MYM wins the picking phase, coming out with a lot of disable 2 of the best range carry hero’s, a great initiate hero that mania masters = a lot of potential owning void and dusa. I thought to my self, MYM is going to take the shit towers in no time put high pressure on them and by that winning the game. I was DEAD WRONG.

Looking at the first 10 min of the game:

MYM brings down baby for fb, and having a real strong start, Rasta is left in mid for free farm due to really horrible play by zeus in my humble opinion. Zeus constantly standing with 400 mana only using chain to spam creeps when he face a rasta with 3 tangos and a stick. Zeus not ganking and nor keeping rasta down as he should in my opinion. To passiv play from zeus in the early game. On the other hand smiske doing a awesome job top lane herrasing that sf keeping dusa to free farm, a dusa that simply doesn’t understand the power of the hero. Hitting no snakes on sf and misses way to many last hits, not buying treads when having gold. After smiskes perfect play top lane dusa is lvl 4 half way 5 and sf 2 half way 3 and dead. Knowing a sf has no chance what so ever standing lvl 3 vs. a lvl 5 dusa he calls for help. Pusher rushes to help leaving the dominating lane bottom. No idea what Drayich thought when a lvl 2 lion comes top, at least it scared it him so much that he choose to flee to his own tower leaving sf to farm lvl 5 before reaching lvl 6. Had this dusa been played by a player knowing what its capable of he would have sent pusher flying back to bottom lane. Drayich choosing to save money and not fighting back the lvl 2 lion results in sf coming back in the game, where he shouldn’t have been allowed in my opinion. Meanwhile downlane gets a few kills on sandking and potm even though id say they could have postioned a bit better killing void. None the less MYM winning all 3 lanes. Then pusher choose to run downlane again bring misfortune with him. He simply give away his life for nothing at all, bringing “OK” back downlane. Playmate should have more cs at this point too.

After 10 min mark Rasta is very farmed, sf got way more then he should, void got a few cs but nothing noticeable, again he should have died more, if potm could position him self better when sk stunned. And if Lion would have aided a bit more where he should. Lucky for MYM that zeus and dusa at this point fucked up so hard that MYM stands with the small advances even when they made few mistakes. Game turning into mid game MYM manage to take most of “OK” towers putting high pressure getting core items on their hero’s. Lakost manage to pick off a few hero’s on his own, playmate running to much around not getting much farm. Smiske saving as many as his teammates as possible. Drayich still not farming anything choosing to assist his team instead of farming up what he needs, Dusa at this point is of very limited use if not used as bait. Still he refuse to get treads that could have benefited him in many ways through early and early-mid game. After "OK" been but raped hard MYM makes some horrible team fights coordinating things horrible wrong. “OK” manage to stay in the game even if the farm they get are limited. At this point in my opinion its not “OK” playing well, its MYM fucking up. It was a won game they threw away several time from 15-25 min. At 26 min its easy to tell dusa is not a born carry player. Dusa ports to a dead tower instead of pushing the bot lane taking a free tower completing linken. Dusa did nothing top lane no reason to port in if they wont go anyway. Again in this fight smiske save “OK’s” ass by swapping baby out. After the little fight top “OK” choose to go for mid tower, atm their side lanes is pushed and there is massive farm to harvest for dusa or void. They realise this fact and again dusa wasted a lot of time running with the team instead of farming. Dusa runs right side farming 10 sek after choosing to run mid, MYM pulls out yet another horrible fight end up losing mid tower, but still “OK” should have gotten more out of situation, at this point DUSA could have had way more FARM. And in my opinion MYM focus the wrong hero. They keep focusing the VOID who basically does nothing with his vanguard and no attack speed. Fight a rosh, MYM fails yet again to execute their combo, Smiske plays fabulous winning the fight by splitting up the fight for MYM. Poor wd and tank void gets all focus, while zeus is set free to spam. No idea what MYM are thinking. Suddenly the game turns again MYM starting to win fights basically with no items changes, they finally manage to get off the fights well. No idea why they just didn’t do that 10 min earlier. None the less the reason why they still are allowed to do so, is cause “OK” didn’t manage to punish MYM enough for MYM’s mistakes. I mean seriously “OK” had so much farm running into their arms this game but dusa still without anything cause she’s been running confused around. None the less game ends soon after sf not able to outcarry void alone, potm simply to poor to help.

2 games MYM won they dominated the games, used their advances and punished “OK” as a top team should. Now I didn’t see the 3 game with roof so can’t talk about it, but 5 game is almost the same as 1 game for me, MYM fucking up badly “OK” not using their advances and the game turn late, “OK” having better carry for this and ends up winning. Just want to mention that in 5 game I was shocked over the bad inciates both teams did. Sladar almost lost “OK” the game jumping in without bkb trying to stun a sf in bkb charging ulti.

After watching 4 games I put it this way, MYM was the better team overall - Smiske won 1 game for “OK”, poor teamwork from a team known for its superb coordination made MYM loose, sad but in my point of view none the less the truth. I respect both teams and I do feel the games was exciting, not cause they where well played, more because the mistakes both teams made, did the games exciting. Only Player that proved a stable level through out the 4 games I saw was Smiske he truly played on a high lvl all these games, and is in my eyes the absolute MVP. MYM proved they still had what it takes to dominate in the 2 games they won, “OK” won and gratz to them for that, but to me they proved they still have a lot to work on. Nirvana and DDT would have punished them way harder these games. This proves none the less that more late game wins when 2 teams make too many fuckups. Could be the same case if 2 teams play superb with few small mistakes. I hope to prove that its not the case when we face nirvana in the f4f final soon. Our train will keep rolling as it did today, nirvana, TR, AAA the name doesn’t matter, I just hope nirvana will bring their A game so we can produce some “RR” for the community. Cause right now what people like is tight games, these are sadly only produced when a lot of mistakes are made or if a skilled team picks crappy picks against a not as skilled team.

Its not to sound overconfident or anything, no grudge against any players, but knowing your own limits, beeing selfcritik make better players, Draiych proved he could play wd in the other game, I just personally didn't like the dusa he played, for me it did nothing. I love to watch DDT games aswell spotting where we make mistakes and what we can do better, and when my teammates tell me I can improve I do all in my might to do so. A lot proberly hate me for talking about farm and talking about how a carry should be played when I don't personally play it, doesn't mean I don't understand it though, I just know my limits, and ricing isn't my force, im glad I got some good guys for that job.

Sorry for the super long post.

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  1. OK vs MYM G1
    Agree with you on many things specially the MYM throwing away game at 15-25 mins... they simply hadn't enough vision over the area despite good farm and played somewhat passive at that moment. Also, Dray didn't play great but imba hero is IMBA! :P

    But the games were too fucking intense and mistakes were bound to happen. Lets see what you do against :P Good Luck :D

  2. Great reading, really apriciate it!

  3. Nice analysis .. the kind which a person needs to grow .. keep the blog going !

  4. Very nice analysis. Don't let the haters annoy you - at least you give lessons for free T-UP gl vs Nirvana

  5. hey ducky this blog is awesome. usually the other dota talk about their lives or stuff that is really obvious and i dont care for either of that haha. even tho ur english is a bit sloppy haha :P still ez for me to understand. some of the things u said are really insightful, things that ive never thought about in that way. even tho i dont agree with everything haha. i think u attack drayich too much even tho i agree hes not the best dusa but maybe he was really nervous or just never plays a dusa type pusher carry role haha. so he tries to play it like how he plays other heroes. anyway. id really like it if u cud post a blog entry about the guysfromdp vs gosu (os|one) games. i thought they were really interesting.

  6. oh and my email is if theres anything u wanna say to me in private

  7. tbh when i first read some stuff in maelks facebook, where he describes his picking a bit etc, it was a totally new experience for me since it provived so much more insight than any stuff i read from top players this far.
    but i have to say your blog is just way bettter, in every aspect.i love that u are so honest and plz keep it up nvm people who say u should be more humble its all bs, your just stating the truth and if people cant take that, they should gtfo.
    also ur analysis..its just perfect to read because u keep things simple enough for everyone to understand but still provide some details and insights about your thoughts.
    keep up the good work, and stop thinking you might have no fans haha.
    you know, there are some non-top dota players out there, who just dont feel like involving in all the SHIT which the community produces, because most of it is so exhausting and know what im talking about, thats why they keep theirselves out of the trouble.but still they read top players blogs and watch reps, and i think many of them would consider them a fan of you, because you deliver something different from the shit you usually get in the dota community.these are you "silent" fans