fredag den 5. marts 2010

To help people understand

Cause of the recent happenings, I choose to write a fast reply. First of all I’ really starting to get tired of people quoting me wrong or choose to misunderstand me when they see a opportunity to make a ruckus out of my writing.
Too name 2 situations:
First this news writer that interviewed Mania quoted me wrong leading to massive hate from MYM supporters. I never said if people read my interview that Miggel and Angel never got the heros they wanted, I didn’t even name Angel in this scenario. I said that Miggel often was choosed to play the last hero and it was a hard role to have.
Now gosugamers once again quote me wrong leading to new haters. I apparently said that Dray's opinion on Magic Stick was because of TheSHIT!'s inability to farm. As far as I can read in my own blog I didn’t even mention the shits farm ability and magic stick in the same sentence or even close too. I said that Drayich view on the version was cause of their lack of ability to farm. Since people don’t understand what I’m saying and what I mean by saying it. I would like to prove to you that I’m right.

To bring a PERFECT example to you guys not understanding that dota is more then winning the early game stage, pls take a look at this replay:
Yes you are right this is the game we played vs. THE SHIT. To make it clear to all of you I’ going to make my analyses on this game.

The shit winning the early game by far punishing us in every lane. So why didn’t they win? Now a lot of you would properly just agree with Drayich and say cause farm > gank. But I don’t, they lost big parts of the game cause they weren’t able to use the advances they made. To take a good example the wind runner facing Dusa had a 2-0 advances, still managed to get out farmed by a dusa under pressure. Is this cause Dusa is TOO IMBA? Or is it because LODA’s > Synderen’s farming skills? Now I’m just asking cause I’m confused about people blaming the hero’s that are called late gamers to be imba. Top lane was going so well for TS as well but they must have missed some last hits and they didn’t put nearly enough pressure on our tower when chances occurred, they simply let us have our towers at full HP even though they had several chances of damaging them. This way we had a easy time defending our towers when TS choose to 5 man push our full hp towers, we could tp in late and that way get maximum out of our farm. Game entered mid game and TS still had the advances, now they choose to 5 man gank and skip the farming part wards owning them. Is this because wards is overpowered? Or is it because they where too slow planting wards so they could counter us? And was it the best decision to go 5 man ganking when there was a high risk of us having wards? This is where they lose the game, they simply make wrong decisions, and now Drayich is trying to point out what is imbalanced in the version and that you don’t get enough out of ganking? They had every chance in this game but they lagged the ability to analyze the game proper. They managed to get out farmed where they should out farm us, they didn’t use the advances to take down towers fast put wards correctly. DDT > TS in this case its not because dusa is imba hero or because Drayich didn’t get imba items with his jugger cause he did get a damn lot of gold for killing hero’s he should just have considered chilling with the ganking for a few min and leave to others and farm up some core items.

Now I actually rather have people see these things them self, and make them think more about what dota really is. That would make a lot teams better, and it feels wrong giving out great exp like this to teams who should do this them self. But im tired of beeing misunderstood and quoted wrong hated on cause of that, so this is my gift to you take it or leave it.

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  1. Ok.. im not the guy who normally go and comment on bloggs. But im neither the guy who read blogs that makes no sence and gives me nothing when i read them.

    As far as i know Drayich didnt say magic stick is imba cause he lost vs DDT.. his point is pretty much that he think its probably not as entertaining for the community to watch games when they are all about being defensive (exactly as how you won the game vs DDT in your own words, they went ganking... u warded and farmed. and simply won the game cause u had more cs than them even tho u got owned each time they asked u to dance.)

    but thanks for making this post and proving yet an other important point that dota is more about being passive and just farm, than it is about being on the offense and try to make action happen.

  2. The greatest differens in dota between pro teams and the elite teams is that the Elite teams like DDT wards and play boring to win some games and also use their brains to turn a game to their favour.

    DDT<3 Loda<3

  3. @ Pro_floorball

    The first game we played against TS that day, we played the ganking lineup and the game was over in 20 min, cause we knew how to excecute our lineup. The example I made wasn't to prove Drayich point more to show that the reason they find it hard to play this way, is cause they don't master playing this way yet.

  4. Seriously speaking Ducky, do not get hurt too much due to people misunderstanding you... just concentrate on winning games and people will love you eventually. :)

  5. Ducky, I think it's really good for the dotascene with these blogs from the pros. I do think that you have an attitude in this post that is unnecessarily negative towards Dray and TheSHIT.

    I hope that Dray will answer to this post because I think you lack arguments in a way. I'm not saying that you're wrong, because I completely agree on you about the replay, you simply outplayed them.

    I do think that this is irrelevant to the corediscussion, whether ganking is enough awarded in todays dota, and whether or not the stick is a item that benefit dota as a whole.

    I mean, you guys won with the ganking strat too, just as you say in your comment, and this is the huge flaw to your arguments. You were simply playing much better than TheShit was on this day. It had nothing to do with what strategy your teams used. To actually do make this discussion interesting, you have to take several games, with different teams as examples to make a point.

    As I said I do think it's awesome with your, and other pros, blogs, I just think that this particular post comes out the wrong way and maybe that's something you'd like to consider!

    Keep the awesome playing up, and grats for your win against MyM, impressing!