torsdag den 25. februar 2010

The start

The time has come for me to start my own blog, for anyone interested in my thoughts about dota or whatever I might find interesting to type down.

The past time a lot of people started to pm me at mirc and send me messages concerning a lot of diff questions.

A lot of other team leaders and other well known players already has a blog, where they talks about their thoughts about whats moving on the dota scene.

So here I go, so what is going on atm? Guess I will start out about the game we played today against unique-esports. Sad to say I choose to sit out today, but that's the thing when you are a 6-man rooster someone has to sit out. None the less the team managed to bring a win home to me, and show yet again outstanding play. The strategy we used today was a strategy we been thinking about for some time, and been working on so we could show you "the community/fans" a well executed game. Watching the game I can only say that we yet again played a almost flawless game, the mistakes we make are few and not very important, and in this case unique simply had no chance what so ever to punish us. The replay can be found here:
Now MYM is waiting for us in the semifinal in a bo3 match. This is going to be intense games, not only cause they are top class players, but also cause Angel and miGGel are old pals with maelk mania and pusher. Even though MYM got a little back in shape I believe we will come out on top. We just have to be sharp during the picking phase and it will all come natural to us.

As you all know we choose to add miGGel and Angel to the rooster, and I think we put them to good use even though they are new to this team. miGGel brings the team a lot, not only ingame but also outside the game, Angel do his job as we expected him to do, and it won't be long before we will stand at the top. That's at least how I feel.

2 major subjects are currently roaming the dota scene (nirvana teaching dota, AEDL open its doors soon), and one minor discussion about manners in general (Pappa Drayich). I would like to give my 100% support to Drayich, atm it's simply to poor between the persons involved. Even teams tend to flame each other, and DDT are no exception. About the dota lessons, I simply see it as rubbing, even now my own teammate Misery- is starting to give away lessons for money. Its cool that you want to teach and all but involving money in this scenarior doesn't fit my style. In my opinion this will just lower the community. It's just a matter of time before you have to pay for everything. Don't know how it is in all country's but in Denmark teachers get one of the lowest pay's and most teachers only stay as teachers cause of their love of teaching. I don't believe this is the case in this scenarior. I put up a free guide at comment #221. I believe this guide covers the most you need to learn about dota, the other aspects are "talent" and simply to think about what it is you are doing. A lot of people believe they do, but they don't. Its okay not to think, but that's where the line btw pros and amateur is. Its the effort you put into it.

AEDL is the last thing on my menu today, and the most exciting I think. This new league shows to be really promising, I personally been hoping for this to get possible (Asian vs EU) for a long time, and im really happy to see the organizers only limit the teams invited to the best of the best. I might apply for admin for the first time in my career since I want to make this come true. Heads up lads this league is going to be be legendary, and DDT will be a major part of it.

That's all for this time hope some of you readers liked it, you are more then welcome to leave a comment (negative or positive) just do it in a proper way. Btw im sorry for my not perfect English.

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  1. Hello Ducky. I like your new team roster and even the name is funny Ducky's :D Good Luck for the future of your team. :)

  2. Really great read man, keep it up! :)