søndag den 1. august 2010

Gogo Rock on

Just wanna make a quick farewell before the boys and I fly to Jordan.

First of all id like to say that im really looking forward to the trip - the Jordan players has been super awesome already and im really looking forward to meet you all. I only heard cool and awesome stuff about Jordan so im really looking forward to the exp - so I can tell the Danish community that the middeleast doesn't have to be bombs and terroist all of them :). I'm 100% confident that we all gonna have some legendary fun. Just hope the heat is not gonna kill me:D. Hope there is some nice beaches where we can flash our nerdie bodies. Anyway im spitting crap atm - forgive me still heard from yesterdays too many beers.

Id like to shoutout to my new and super cool team - The best of luck to us - really happy with the adds we made - Dota is superfun again thx to you guys. I hope to bring the communiy more legendary mirakel stories. Anyway im without words for once so lets just enjoy a cool song.


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  1. Wanna wish u guys the best of luck!
    Also was kinda wondering if u r gonna do some blogging for the fans so that we know what is going on down there. Really appreciated the blog posts from your china trip so hope u ll do something similar in Jordan.