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Jordan update

Yo guys just wanted to give you a quick update on our jordan trip.

1 - day: after a long flight with the worst pilot ever :D, we arrived in amman jordan - I tell you first step out of the airplane it feels like hitting a wall - the heat is extreme. Only thing that makes me comfortable about the heat is that in saudi arabia its 20 dg hotter :). Anyway boss (ze7) sattary and sheva was nice and picked us up at the airport - cars without aircondition is sure suicide here. Ze7 took us to an awesome apartment we currently living in - we went out had some awesome juice and shawarma like I never had before. Smoked some sisha and chilled a very nice first day - the evenings are very nice here. The people are very friendly and makes you feel like home "even better then home".

2 - day we all got a nice rest - we meet up with luccianoz, ze7 and sheva and get to try some traditional jordan food - smoke sisha. People here are very social so its very normal you go in groups to do stuff. during the evening we went to "silent" and "destroy" for some really awesome tea with mass sugar (power up). on the way back "silent" and I took a ride in his brothers car mercedes SLK 200 (crazy shit driving 160 in the city) :D funny shit. We arrived at Dark Rider - the netcafe along with luccianoz (LOST) sponsoring our trip here - knowing European standard for net cafes I thought Dark Rider wouldnt be that big - I was Wrong this is without any doubt the best net cafe I ever been at - 80 computers with flatscreens "20" - "22" - logitech mouses - aircondition so the atmosthere is awesome. The most cool part is that all the computers are booked and the people playing all know eachother - Dark Rider is like a big famally - play, eat, drink (juice) all together. The computers are nice and the place is big its lots of space to move at. People here are eager to learn - the community is big and solid - everyone at Dark Rider plays Dota. 6 - 7 teams play here dayly. They all have questions and all listens. Personally id say the skill isnt very high as far as I experienced so far but the community has lots of potential. collect 80 players same place every day - mix it with devotion, high social basis, eager to get better - and you will get a dangeours result. Not sure but this is seems very simular to the russian and chinese community to me.

3 - day: Luccianoz and ze7 pick us up we go chilling - they rly know how to enjoy them self here a very relaxed and cool attitude to life. Luccianoz has a very big impact on people here - he is the friend of everyone and has a nice spirit that makes people wanna hang out a lot - seems like he has infinite energy :D - hes a man with mass plans for the future im not sure I fully understand it all - but im cool with that he is the boss and he is not only our sponsor but friend so I trust his judgement - I wanna do as good as posible for him hes been very helpfull and friendly with us. Anyway Luccianoz took us to some fancyplace to eat kebap hummus and a lot other :D but the hummus and kebap was awesome :D. actually you dont do much when the sun is up - you drive around with aircondition - eat, drink hf with you friends here very relaxed and chilled (I love it) at 11pm its normal for the guys to go to darkrider play lan games eedl or what ever they like - so we do this a lot playing some lan games some eedl shuffelplayers and just having fun playing a bit before the tour.

4 - day: we sleep long and go to wcg qualifyer for jordanian teams - Luccianoz really wanna support the jordanian community - so we went did a interview for television talked with the players - played some fifa guitarhero and chilled - then we went to this big market - lots of young chicks - unlucky they all went with fammaly :D but now i know that lucci and I dont have same taste in woman so at least we wont fight about that :D. We had some food chilled as usual - mira was staying home so we picked him up later and we to smoke sisha :) played some cards with the guys Misery lost and blamed the game ofcourse :D "garen", We went to the cafe and played all night - went home around 6 am.

5 - day: today Luccianoz invited us to his parents home for lunch - was rly nice and we got to try some traditional food with some crazy desert - all very heavy so all couldnt move for 30 min :D Now as you can see we sit in the cafe preparing for tomorrow.

Reading my own post it gets a bit hard to read and confusing with my settup sorry for that but im lazy as fuck so not gonna change shit :D

just wanna let you all know that we are having a nice time in Jordan and ze7 and Luccianoz is taking good care of us - we meet a lot awesome people like sattary sheva silent destroy zicko mightymate devil wanted crazydriver :D and so on sorry if i cant remember all nicks :D forgive me im only human. I have high hopes for the people here with the right attitude im sure they will rice the lvl in no time, great people and with luccianoz and ze7 support im sure they will make their goal.

Special thx to boss (ze7), Luccianoz and sheva for beeing awesome enouth to introduce us to all these nice people - to take care of us - show us your way not only gaming wise but you gave at least me a chance to take a look into your kultur and im happy to get a chance like this.

Hope you all good back home - Peace out Ducky

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  1. Gratz on your victory, even though it looked like u were toying with the opposition:)
    Anyway, liked this update above and hope ull fill us in on what happened the last days including the tournament and so on.
    best regards